Hahnenklee-Bockswiese is located in the Upper Harz in Germany and is the
base station of your local ski area the Bocksberg.

Difference in height between the village (560m) and the top of the Bocksberg (726m) is very reasonable.
Especially the
Hexenabfahrt and the Schauinsland are very nice descents.
The ski area is ideally suited for parents with young children.
For cross country skiers there are a total of 15 kilometers of cross country
in and around Hahnenklee, - Bockswiese.
There is the
Hahnenkleer Bergloipe, (6 km long) and Schulberg-Loipe , (8 km long).

Besides the Bocksberg you can find within_ just half an hour drive from Hahnenklee,
more ski slopes to negotiate.
At no more then 16 km distance, you can find on 600 - 900
ski resort
Sankt  Andreasberg and 30 km away ski resort
Braunlage .